Demo League

League Rules

  1. No cheating
    If you're caught cheating, you will be banned.  There are no second chances when it comes to cheating.
  2. Be Respectful
    Playful joking and emotional outbursts are fine, just remember to not get carried away.  You will get a warning if enough players bring complaints against you for bad behavior.  If you don't adjust your attitude after your warning, you will be banned.
  3. No Smoking
    League games are a no-smoking affair.  You can take smoke breaks outside the poker room but there is no smoking in the same room as the games being played.
  4. If You're Not in the Hand, Keep it to Yourself
    You don't have to be completely silent when you're not in a hand, but if you talk about the hand in any way when you're not in it, you may be warned.  After your warning if you proceed to talk about hands you are not involved in, you may be asked to leave the game.
  5. One Player Per Hand
    We welcome you to bring guests to watch the games, but remember that there is only one player per hand.  No asking for help or advice about how to play your cards.
  6. Have Fun!
    Above all else, make sure you have fun!