January FINALS

Reminder: The January FINALS is this Sunday 05 Feb. at noon. Registration opens at 11am.

February is the first months of a quarter for dues. Bring $100 to pay for the quarter and receive all the bonuses. If you choose to pay one month at a time the monthly dues are $30 per month.

The second Million Dollar Entry tournament will be Saturday 20 May at noon at Schwoelgers. Remember you have to have been a member for all but one month between the Million Dollar Entry tournaments to qualify to play in it. Also remember you have to be a member at the time of the trip, which will be in June, most likely the week of 26th to 30th.

A couple of notes, the Feb. schedule has been loaded into the website so you will have to click on the date right below DASHBOARD to select January to see current standings. And lastly, remember that the date for ALL monthly Finals tournaments is in the About Badger Poker section of the website.

We look forward to seeing everyone for the Jan. Finals this Sunday.



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