About Badger Poker

Badger Poker is a membership only poker league.Each month there are nightly tournaments (five per week) in which you can earn points towards extra chips in the Monthly Finals. Entry into Badger Poker tournaments is FREE for members of Badger Poker. Membership also gets you ten Badger Poker credits per month that can be used to rebuy or add-on to any Badger Poker tournament that offers rebuys or add-ons.

Membership :

The standard membership period is quarterly. We offer a standard bonus package for those who pay $100 each quarter. Here is the breakdown of the $100 package. 

  • $75 for regular dues ($25/month)
  • $15 for plaques for the monthly Finals you are paying dues at. For example, if you are paying quarterly dues for Feb., March, and April you will also have your Jan. Finals plaques figured into this special
  • $10, one extra 25K plaque in EACH of the three monthly Finals covered by your dues AND one extra 10k chip in the Million Dollar Finals
  • Bonus is only available when paying prior to the start of the new quarter. 

Dues can be paid quarterly at $75 per quarter with no added bonuses. 

Dues can be paid monthly at $30 per month with no added bonuses. 

All dues packages receive a $50 rebuy/add-on card each month.


A Badger Poker year runs June through May. The 2022-2023 Finals tournament schedule is as follows. Schedule is subject to change as needed. 


June 2022, Monthly Finals on 26 June (early to avoid 4th of July weekend)

July 2022, Monthly Finals on 31 July

August 2022, Monthly Finals on 28 August

September 2022, Monthly Finals on 02 October

October 2022, Monthly Finals on 30 October

November 2022, Monthly Finals on 04 December

December 2022, Monthly Finals on 01 January

January 2023, Monthly Finals on 05 February

February 2023, Monthly Finals on 05 March

March 2023, Monthly Finals on 02 April

April 2023, Monthly Finals on 30 April

May 2023, Monthly Finals on 04 June 




Nightly tournaments run throughout the month, see website for schedule and locations. Nightly tournaments are only open for members of Badger Poker and are free to enter.


Starting stacks are $20k. Blinds increase every half hour. There is a five minute break every hour.


Every dollar you spend at the venue THAT NIGHT gets you a 1k chip for use in that night's tournament.


You can rebuy up to three times in a nightly tournament. Rebuys end at the second break. Rebuys cost one Badger Poker credit.


You can add-on once in a nightly tournament at the second break. An add-on costs one Badger Poker credit.


Tournament is closed for entry at the second  break.

Current nightly tournament schedule:


Sunday 12:00pm at Schwoegler's Park Towne Lanes in Madison

Monday 6:30pm at Sconnie Bar in Madison

Tuesday 7:00pm at Pppoker.com

Wednesday 6:30pm at Schwoegler's Park Towne Lanes in Madison

Thursday at 7:00pm at Pppoker.com

Schedule is subject to change as needed including canceling or moving to Pppoker. Holidays are usually moved to Pppoker.




Monthly Finals are only open to members of Badger Poker and are free to enter.


You can become a member at the registration for the Monthly Finals.


Each monthly Finals has a prize pool of $745 in cash and prizes as follows

1st: $250.00

2nd: $150.00

3rd: $100.00

4th: $75.00

5th: $50.00

6th: $$50 Gift card

7th-: $50 Gift card

8th: $20 Gift card


Monthly Finals have a starting chip stack of $50k and you can get extra chips the following ways.


  1. Every win in a nightly tournament is worth 20k extra in the Finals


  1. Points won during the month earn you extra chips in the Finals per this chart

   1-51 20K

   51-100 40k

   101-200 60k

   201-300 80k

   301+ 100k


  1. Food and beverage purchases at the venue at 1k per $1 spent with a maximum of 25k awarded in this manner


  1. Commemorative plaques are available, $15 for 50k in plaques.


Blind structure for a monthly Finals may have extra blind levels compared to a nightly tournament.


There are no rebuys or add-ons for a monthly Finals.


Start time for the monthly Finals is 12:00pm with registration open at 11:00am. Monthly Finals close to entry at 1:00pm.




Million Dollar Finals are only open to Badger Poker members who qualify for an invite and are free to enter.


A Million Dollar Finals is a special opportunity to win a trip to Las Vegas in June during the Grand Poker Series at the Golden Nugget including airfare credit, hotel credit, and entry into a Million Dollar prize pool tournament. Prize package valued at approximately $2100. 


A Million Dollar Finals is run as a separate invite only tournament twice a year. People who have qualified will be listed on the Badger Poker website. You must also be a current member at the time the tournament is held. 


There are no rebuys or add-ons for a Million Dollar Finals.


There are two ways to qualify for the tournament.

  1. Be a member for five of the previous six months (including the month the tournament is held)  Must be a current member in the month the tournament is held.

  2. Get an owners invite


.Registration will open at 11:00 am and the tournament will start at 12:00pm. Tournament will close to entry at the first blind level increase, approximately 12:30pm.


There are several ways to earn extra chips for the tournament.


Be a member for all six months prior to tournament


Win a Monthly Finals


Be point leader for any month within last six months


Be wins leader for any month within last six months


Earn 12+ wins in last six months


Earn 1200+points in last six months


Support venue with food/beverage purchases

up to 25k


Commemorative plaques will also be available. $15 for 50k in plaques.


Prize pool for the Oct. 2022 Million Dollar Qualifier is $2400.00 total in the following places:


1st place:

Entry into a Million Dollar prize pool tournament in Las Vegas June 2023 valued at $1100

$500 airfare credit

$500 hotel credit

Total prize package value of $2100.

Cash out option is valued at $1000 cash if prize package is not taken

2nd place

$200 cash

3rd place

$100 cash


Blind structure will be as follows:


12pm 100/200

12:30pm 200/400  

1pm 300/600

1:30pm 500/1000

Black and Red off

2pm 1000/2000

2:30pm 2000/4000  

3pm 3000/6000

3:30pm 4000/8000

White/Green off

4pm 5000/10000 

4:30      10000/20000

5:00pm 15000/30000  

5:30pm 20000/40000

Purple and Orange off

6pm      25000/50000

6:30pm   50000/100000 

7pm 75000/150000 

7:30      10000/200000  

8pm 200000/400000

8:30pm 300000/600000

9pm 500000/1million


Miscellaneous items:

  1. If players opt to chop, first place will convert to the cash payout value of $1000 cash

  2. Any disputes will be settled by one of the tournament directors and all decisions will be final

  3. No cell phone use while in a hand (if you have live cards)

  4. Tournament Directors will be seated at separate tables, everyone else will be random draw

  5. Breaks will be every hour for ten minutes, from 5 minutes before the hour to five minutes after the hour

  6. Blind levels will last for 25 minutes (first blind level is 30 minutes)

  7. When the final table is reached all players will be reseated. 

  8. Must be a member for 5 of the six months immediately preceding the Las Vegas trip to redeem the trip. If you do not meet this requirement you will receive the $1000 alternate grand prize.